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Buying a Used Horse Trailer

There’s a lot to consider when buying a used horse trailer, you want your animals to be comfortable, safe, and you don’t want to spend your trip worrying that your trailer will make the trip. At P&P Trailer Sales we want you and your animals to have a safe trip, that’s why we’ve provided a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind as you’re making your decision. Visit our dealership today and browse through our selection of used Bison, Lakota, and and Bloomer horse trailers and let our friendly and professional staff help you pick the perfect one for your needs. We have multiple locations across Texas and Oklahoma!

New Isn’t Always Better

A horse trailer doesn’t need to be brand new in order to be comfortable. That said, most older trailers were built before research had been done showing how best to keep your horses healthy and comfortable during transit. As you’re looking for a horse trailer, make sure you consider these key features to make sure your horse’s physical and psychological needs are being met:

Secure Stance

Horses like to be able spread their feet (hooves) in order to maintain balance in a moving trailer. Making sure your used horse trailer has ample room for your horse is a must. Dividers that don’t go all the way to the floor or are in front of the horse will allow for a much wider stance, and a much happier horse.

Fresh Air

Make sure your horse can get plenty of fresh air. It’s easy for horse trailer interiors to get dirty and dusty, but maintaining proper airflow will keep the dust moving out instead of settling on your animal. Make sure the trailer has at least one vent opening in the nose and a few along the sides, as well as at least one opening in the rear. It’s impossible to keep all dust out of the trailer, even properly ventilated ones will have some dust, but if your horse also has room to lower his head, really so his nose can drop below his chest, this will help keep his airways clear. Avoid any used horse trailer that has built-in mangers or tack storage located under your horse’s nose.

Bright Interior

Prey animals are terrified of dark caves, any dark spaces, really. Making sure the interior of your used horse trailer has light colors, or interior lights, even windows and doors to let in natural light, will help your horse see better and bring them peace of mind during your trip. They’ll be more willing to enter a trailer they can see in, so loading becomes easier as well.

Features and Objects

Make sure there are no objects sticking out in the trailer, things like tie rings, latches, any kind of hardware that might protrude into the area your horse will occupy as these could cause an injury during transit. It might be good to invest in some screens as well. Open windows and doors are great for ventilation but a screen will keep out any kind of flying debris, gravel, insects, anything that might get kicked up during travel.

Breakaway Features

Make sure your used horse trailer has easy emergency access, you’d be surprised the position a horse can get into during an emergency or any kind of panic. Make sure your trailer has emergency release pins on dividers, bars, and posts, so that they can be quickly and easily operated from any direction. Look for center posts that are removable, this comes in handy should your trailer overturn. A welded in center post becomes an obstruction and potentially damaging to your horse during an emergency.

Remember, make sure your horse has enough room for a secure stance to maintain balance, keep the interior nice and light, check for any protruding objects, and make sure you’ve got quick releases on any dividers, bars, or posts. This will keep your horse safe and relaxed during your next trip. P&P Trailer Sales has a wide selection of Lakota, Bison, Bloomer, and 4-Star used horse trailers for sale in TX at our dealerships in Salado, Pasadena, Rose City, and Hockley, Texas, and Norman, Oklahoma. Visit us today!

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